Corey Lynn Howe



Corey is an LA native, and a long-time participant in all things local LA theatre. As a director, she has enjoyed developing a variety of shows; everything from short plays to musicals …and always with a deliberate nod to the humor and purity inherent in each character and relationship, staying true to the text while acknowledging the uniqueness of the whole story’s journey.

Notable endeavors include an apprenticeship for Narnia: A Radio Play (SCLT), an inaugural and pivotal foray into musical theatre with[Title of Show] (Village Idiom Productions), a cabaret concert with LA’s A Little New Music, developing new works at the Hollywood Fringe Festival with Best of Albuquerque Fringe 2025, and this most current exploration of the human experience with Next to Normal. Corey was not allowed to sit near open windows in school, as they were sure to elicit the wilds of her imagination to come out and play. That never changed.

From those elaborate daydreams-through-windows to where stories come to life on stage, Corey’s focus is centered on the wonders of the internal and external experiences we all share and bringing them to life for the characters as well as the audience.